New One Design Class

During the years 1930 to 1935 the ex 24 ft. Class, all from 30 to 40 years old, continued to race from the Club, although gradually waning. By 1932 there were only four entered in Burnham Week. In 1936 there was none.

As the strength of the ex 24s faded, thought was given to finding yet another class. In July 1932 there was a proposal to adopt Stars, and other alternatives were considered. The final choice was between the X One Design Class, well established on the South Coast, and a new design by Norman Dallimore (Dally).

Dally’s design was chosen and was bought by the the Club, with an agreement for a royalty to the designer of 1 guinea per boat from members and 3 guineas from non-members. Building commenced immediately at King and Sons.

They were transom sterned Bermudan sloops 20 ft. long overall and about 17 ft. on the waterline, with 6 8 beam and 3 3 draft. They were fairly heavy boats with an iron ballast keel on a long fin. Stan King, one of the Waterfronts well known characters, who died in 1985, worked on most of them. He said it was his job to plank up the starboard side, certainly of all the even numbers. The jib was on a roller and was rigged so that it could be pulled round to server as a spinnaker, a common system at the time, which is shown clearly in the photo. The roller could also be used for reefing, but the result was not very satisfactory. The cost of the complete boat was about 120. It was possible to distinguish between the Burnham and the Brightlingsea boats by a very slight difference in the line of the sheer.

By the end of the year nine boats had been ordered:

RB 1 Georgie Porgie Mrs. Graham Straker
RB 2 Red Jacket Messrs. Robinson and Herring
RB 3 Lavender Lady F. B. Pitcher (chartered free to Norman Wilkinson & Dick Thorpe)
RB 4 The Weevil F. Percy Lickfold
RB 5 Belinda Capt. and Mrs. Kyffin
RB 6 Annette Mrs. Mary Abrahams
RB 7 Vaurnine Cecil Gatti
RB 8 Phalarope Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Barrett
RB 9 Whimbrel Miss Colleen Foley

On March 25, 1933 all were ready, with Percy Lickfold elected as Class Captain. The first eight were afloat, with WHIMBREL waiting under Kings crane for the formal launching by Lady Rasch. The lunch which followed was said to be the best attended ever to have been held at the Club, with 120 present. In the afternoon, the first race was held, all boats finishing within 5 minutes on this historic occasion.