Michael Foley and the RB's Art Deco Murals

In 1934 a young member was commissioned by the Club to paint murals on the wall of the Red Bar (Snakepit), Michael was only 22 at the time but he managed to capture the vibrant social life of the Club at the time for all to see in the future. In October 2009 Geoffrey Taunton Collins gathered together many of pieces of Michael Foley’s work for an exhibition at the Royal Burnham Yacht Club. Together with Nicholas Usherwood he put together a catalogue of the exhibition which can be seen here. Michael Foley 2009 Exhibition Catalogue

Michael Foley was born in London in 1912, he was educated at Ampleforth School, before going to the Central School of Art and Design tp study under John Skeaping. In 1940 he volunteered for the R.N.V.R and saw active service aboard a minesweaper until his death off the Coast of Corsica in 1943.